And so it begins....


Those of you who know me know I love to shop. I've been living in Nashville for almost five years, going on my sixth and not to say that it's taken me this long to find good shopping, it's more so that it's taken me this long to start a blog about shopping. You'd think this would have been a sure-thing from the beginning but no, I was feeling more self-indulgent than wanting to be useful to the community in any way.

But now, I'm getting off my arse, and making the most of my time and personal knowledge. I would like for Life* á la mode to help people new to the city, or even people native to the city, to realize that there's a huge array of choices for shopping here in town, and that one isn't limited to just particular boutiques for particular items. Sure, we don't have a major or even decent department store anywhere, but pish posh, that's only if you don't want to use your imagination. There are plenty of independent shops here that fit every budget, style and trend and I want to help you find them all. Nashville may not be a city known for being in vogue but like hell if I'm going to let people living here think that there aren't choices because there are!

So here it is! Life* á la mode is, in a nutshell, about shopping in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas like Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, East Nashville. To start, anyway. At some point I'd love to see this grow beyond just Tennessee and move into cities one can take trips to like Atlanta or the Carolinas and beyond. For now, for the latter, it'll be websites and quick mentions here and there but you can count on Life* á la mode to be your guide to anything from home decor products to shoes and accessories to underwear.

I'm also open to suggestions so if any of you know of stores I may not have mentioned yet, or are worthy of mentioning, please send them my way! Give me a reason to go shopping even more than I already do!

- Ms. Tabitha