Primpy prettiness

All y'all who breathed a sigh of relief when Sephora opened its doors here lemme hear ya say AMEN!!!!

That seems to give us a bit of bragging rights about the mall doesn't it? "We have a Sephora!" All those wonderful, luxurious products from the likes of Sugar, Philosophy, Urban Decay. FINALLY.

Little known fact: Before Sephora hit our town, there were plenty of places to find great brands of makeup. The store I still go to for makeup needs or cosmetics and sometimes a little juice, is the Cosmetic Market (with locations in Green Hills and Cool Springs). Owned by the same people who started Private Edition, this is a little less intimidating of a shop to go into. The staff, in their green aprons, are fairly knowledgeable of the products they sell which is more than I can say for the salespeople at Sephora.

They now also have online shopping on their site (requires Flash) which makes it so much more convenient because, well, if you can avoid actually going to Green Hills or even worse, Cool Springs, DO IT. And guys, Valentine's Day is coming up! The Cosmetics Market has gift certificates, most girls love getting pamper products (no facial, "zap your lines" type goods please) like luscious body lotions or bath soaps as gifts. Hand it to her when you take her out to a nice dinner. You may not get laid, but you'll more than likely make her smile.