Sale sale sale!!!

And guys, you're not missing out either if you head over to The Cotton Mill in Graces Plaza in Green Hills. Their range of brands seems to have expanded over the past couple of years, and they're trying their best to cater to not just the Belle Meade moms but now to their kids and to young, working adults looking to ween their way into designer gear.

What better way to start than this sale right? Brands like Rock & Republic, Nanette Lapore, Theory for the girls, and Ted Baker, Chip & Pepper and Seven for men, just to name a few. Why Ted Baker's not on sale for girls is beyond me... go to the website and check out the brand's clothes - very fun! Trust the Brits to make fashion quirkier and way cooler.

And who knows? Maybe their formal wear is marked down too. What with big gala events coming up soon, might as well go check out the sale.