Best (kind of) oxymoron name of store ever

Nouveau Classics on Belmont Blvd. (right before/after you cross 440) has some of the funnest furniture ever. After a long day at the Yoga Fair today (Happy Yoga Day USA btw) I almost missed their giant "S.A.L.E." sign in the window. The hubby and I headed there to see what we could find. They were having a Floor Sample Sale with pretty big mark-downs on sofa's, chairs, coffee tables, desks, armoires - all good stuff at pretty decent sale prices.

There was a baby blue, plush sectional set that was $976 (marked down from almost $2500) and it had "Hold for Mary" written on the tag. So in my head, that meant "Not YET sold." Then I looked at the guy in the jeans and plaid shirt and faux hawk taking measurements, and the bargain-huntress and baby blue couch fiend in me wanted to be all, "Huh.. are YOU Mary?" but I held my tongue. Turns out he was the friend of Mary's husband's who has the truck to haul the couch home for them in. Just my luck right - the one sectional couch the hubby and I both liked and it was wrapped up and taken from right under our noses. Typical.

Those of us who missed out on the really good deals will have to wait a while till they do another big sale like this. It should be consolation enough to know that there WILL be one in the future but as of tomorrow, they'll roll their new line of furniture out and send the sale pieces to their sister store, Urban Living, in Knoxville.

The good news is, everything in their store is somewhat customizable. For example, the hubby had his eye on a black leather (or it could have been vinyl) lounger, and it can also come in white. Most of their goods are made-to-order pieces so if you're picky like we are when it comes to furnishings, if you unlike we are have a crap ton of disposable income to spend on quality furniture, this is a good place to go to.
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