Nashville Fashion Group

Constant growth brings constant progression. In a city such as Nashville, we definitely see an influx of people from all over the country and, like yours truly, the world making their way here. Songwriters and musicians aside, it pleases me to see other realms of art taking steps forward and into the public eye more and more each day. The hunger for wanting this city to become more cosmopolitan is something I know I share with lots of people, and today I found (albeit a little late on the bandwagon) Robert Campbell's Nashville Fashion Group.

Mr. Campbell/NFG looks to take my wishes, and actually takes steps to make them happen which is a lot more proactive than the rest of us (read: ME) who just complain about a supposed lack of couture in this city. With plans for Nashville Fashion Week in 2009, fashion shows, and lots of support for local designers and artists and fashion-forward individuals - they want to take what style in this city to new heights. I don't know about you but I'm certainly all for it!

Life* á la mode will be keeping a close watch on NFG's activities and will keep you all updated. I can't begin to describe how excited I am!