At my age, gifts have become more functional than they are luxuries. Whether it's something I put on my wishlist or something I buy friends, I try to find gifts that are meaningful and useful.

Last month, I did a search for calling cards on Etsy, and not surprisingly, there were hundreds of results. The best shop I found, though, is by a seller called Avie. She will custom print your name and information on stationery sets, mailing labels and calling cards. Everything she makes is so pretty and I had the hardest time picking something for my friend. When the cards arrived (a mere three days after I placed the order) I was impressed! I mean I paid only $12.50 for 50 cards (two designs, set of 25) and she used really good, thick card stock, and the print job was superb!

My friend loved her cards and I, in turn, got print envy. SO! I did what a normal shopaholic would do, I ordered myself a set too. But not before spending way too much time trying to picture how my name would look and if I would like doling out green cards vs. pink vs. blue vs. striped vs. leafy. I had recalled a couple of designs Avie had the first time I placed an order, and emailed her asking if she'd make those again and God love her, she said yes, she'd put them back on the list.

They were up within 24 hours, and I ordered my cards. Because of the "holiday" on Monday, she couldn't send them when she wanted to. Like a good vendor of good products, she sent a personal email to all her customers awaiting their orders informing us of the delay.


I think they were worth the day's wait!

Avie Designs