Eye Candy

The Nashville Scene Readers' Poll results are out and I would like to congratulate a long-time friend of mine, Brenan Sharp. For the third time, he has been voted Nashville's Best Visual Artist and I have to agree - Brenan knows how to capture a pop-culture aficionado's heart by putting to canvas what we love.

This, for example, is one of my favorites:


There's no pretense with Brenan - if it's something he likes and enjoys looking at, he'll share it with you by means of his paintbrush and talent. He throws the best art shows at Jacksons, usually with a theme ("Madonna: Like an Art Show" or "Aloha! Nashville") and free sloppy joes.

My favorite art show was when he painted toys. From rubber duckies to atari to old-school nintendo, that show got everyone squealing with glee.

His works don't break the bank either, with prices ranging from $50 - $1,000. You can visit his website to look at his gallery, and see the pieces that are still for sale. Unfortunately the Mini painting is gone, but these, which I covet, are still available.

img_1003.JPG img_1015.JPG

Congratulations B-Sharp!!!!!

Visit Art By Brenan