Jami Harris - Encaustic Artist

Life á la mode enjoys supporting local creativity. Still on the topic of art (because that is what the *ahem* staff here is obsessed with right now) I would like to introduce you to Jami Harris.

I first met Jami when she did my make up for my wedding. Her artistic ability is so apparent in the way she carries herself and the painstaking way she applied color to my blank canvas of a face.

When she told me she also painted and did fine art, I had no doubt her pieces would be as phenomenal as the brides and clients she beautifies.

Gawk Magazine dot com just did a piece on her here. Jami's art can be seen (and purchased) from her website. Her mediums are bees wax and oil on canvas or wood, and the finished pieces are indicative of her free-spirited, artistic personality.

My favorite series is titled Greater Than, comprised of five 5"x5" pieces (and I want ALL of them!).

gt5.jpg gt4.jpg gt3.jpg gt2.jpg gt1.jpg
I think those would look SO good on my living room wall!!