When the weather outside is frightful

Take advantage of The Internets and its wonders. Stay indoors and visit Shopbop dot com. They've added more items to their sale (30/50/70% off). This time of year, all I think of buying are sweaters and more sweaters. Luckily for me, they have enough to keep me warm and happy for a long time.


This one's my favorite. KAROO Mark Eisen. Love the loose yet flattering shape it has. Come to think of it, I also like those jeans.


Oh Marc Jacobs, just retire Sophia Coppola already and make me your paperdoll!!


Pretty blue color? Check. Puffy, poet sleeves, which I adore? Check. What Comes Around Goes Around is the kind of karma I can live with.
Plenty more styles as well, not just sweaters, on sale too so go make yourself a cuppa, and let your fingers do your shopping for a couple of days and stay cozy!