The Dotted Line

The stationery hunting and gathering continues here at the offices of Life á la mode. The latest addition is a personalized set of notecards with my name in calligraphic font. The treasure trove? The Dotted Line: Paperie and Sweat Treats

The cards come blank, and you can have whatever you like custom printed for an additional (and small) fee. I must have spent a good half hour in there trying to figure out what to get. Did I want the fleur de lis embossed notepad? Or the set-of-3, gold on red, pineapple print hat boxes? Ooh maybe a huge bag of candy or a cupcake... wait, no, make that the letterpress notecards?

Now, if I had a bigger budget, I would have bought everything I wanted. Alas, frugality was a must and I still managed to make a more-than-satisfactory purchase without breaking the bank.

The Dotted Line sells standard paperie fare of paper, envelopes, thank you cards, customizable invitations and personal stationery without the typical brands you can find at, say, Borders (you know the ones... Vera Wang.. Crane.. zzzzzzz). Did I already mention the candy and cupcakes? They have sweets! How absolutely brilliant! It's a party host's dream from start to finish - invites, thank you cards, party favors. The attention to detail with their merchandise is breathtaking - everything is so inviting, all put together so it's easy for the customer to gather items for the perfect correspondence set or gift basket. Need a gift for a girlfriend's birthday? Or a last minute Valentine's Day gift for tonight? At risk of sounding like a car salesman, I promise you - you'll find it there.

It's an inviting little store, nothing stuffy or intimidating about it. Picking stationery can be a daunting task, especially for a bride-to-be and I wish this The Dotted Line was there when I was getting married last year. But hey, it's never too late - this is my new stationery go-to shop.

The website's not up yet but as soon as it is, I'll have it linked. In the meantime, just please head over there and treat yourself to the prettiness that is The Dotted Line! And don't forget to tell them who sent you!

The Dotted Line ˚ 2209 Bandywood Drive ˚ (615) 395 0101