Social Graces

Have I ever mentioned my affinity for stationery? Excuse me.. PRETTY stationery? Probably not yet seeing how this is only post #9 or something on Life á la mode. Well, I love pretty stationery. A lot. I have a small, growing collection of blank notecards to use for thank you's, correspondence and just to have around. When I run out, I like to head over to a little shop called Social Graces.This month, they're featuring pretty candy fit for Valentine's Day.

From Vera Wang to Vera Bradley (which I'm not a fan of though I know is, for some odd reason, very popular with girls here) Social Graces carries customizable correspondence materials, sorority swag and fun stuff for the house. It's also a fabulous place to create invitations to events intimate and grand.

The staff is very knowledgeable of their materials, and are always happy to answer your questions and this applies to both locations in Hillsboro Village and in Cool Springs.

Social Graces is good for gifts for ANY occasion, not just cupid day. Even if you just want to treat yourself to something fun, head over to have a look. Oh! And they also hold little events from time to time for craft making. I missed their last handbag making class but I'll let you all know when the next one comes up!