Spice up your life

Posh (get it? Posh? Spice? eh) boutique in Hillsboro Village and Clarksville (and soon in Green Hills) is the one boutique a girl can get away with going into with her significant other. Until someone proves otherwise, I'll stand by the fact that Posh is the only place in Nashville where you can find fashion for both women AND men at prices that aren't outrageous by any means, unlike other boutiques that offer men's clothing.

Penguin, Puma, GStar, Rock & Republic (although denim is pretty standard across the board price-wise), Susana Monaco, Diesel, MAXStudio - there's variety and rarely will you leave empty handed. It's also clothes that are current in style but not crazy-trendy so your money isn't going to be wasted on clothes that are obviously from a particular season in a particular year.

Hey I'm all for trends (if it looks good) but there's something to be said for longevity in style! But I digress...

Right now, with the weather warming up and Spring lines becoming available, Posh is having a massive sale with mark-downs on almost everything, even warm-weather-friendly clothes.

What's fabulous is the space next door devoted entirely to shoes. Now there's a shop owner who understands that shoe shopping is not to be distracted from clothes shopping and vice versa. Especially when one carries shoes in all shades of the rainbow, in almost every style imagineable!

When you stop into the Posh shoe shop, stop and listen to some new music at the Little Shop of Noise. It's a music bar set up to feature non-commercial, indie artists from different genres, with a different artist each month. Now, I'm not endorsing the music they're featuring, even though some of the artists I happened to notice are in my personal music library. But it's just brilliant that a shop like Posh, which has proven its strength in providing Nashville with style, is now moving on to influencing other lifestyle tastes.

Oh! And ask for Hayden when you're there - girl's got fabulous taste and a great eye for what will and will not fit you.

POSH Boutique ˚ 1813 21st Ave South ˚ Nashville, TN 37212 ˚ (615) 383 9480