Delicious dish

An unorthodox post here at Life á la mode, a change of pace for the weekend if you will. I have to have to tell you all about the international market off Charlotte Avenue, K&S Market. Not to inundate you with the fascinating Asian fare that awaits you, I recommend this place if you like your produce and seafood fresh, varied and affordable, if you're ready to broaden your grocery shopping horizons, and if you're ready to add some flavor and spice to your diet.

They also have staples, and a whole room devoted to household needs (sponges, cleaning supplies, tupperware, chopsticks, sake sets, hotpots.. y'know - the usual) and most things you would expect to find in a supermarket without the fluff like a magazine aisle or cosmetics.

I'm sure I'll mention this market more, as I plan to shop there as often as I can.

The original K&S Market is off Nolensville Pike somewhere, and the one I go to is, when you're driving away from downtown on Charlotte past White Bridge Road, up a ramp on your left. If the lanes merge into one, you've gone too far.
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