Not realizing that most businesses beyond the Davidson county line are closed on Sundays, I ventured out to Franklin when my dad was visiting last weekend to show him something beyond Green Hills or the golf course. The beautiful weather and the few stores that were open made up for the trek there, and I managed to stumble upon a new jewel of a shop that was, surprise surprise, actually open that day.

havensign1.jpg haven1.jpg
Haven: Sanctuary of Style is very appropriately named. Owned by stylist Claudia Fowler (and on that Sunday, run by the very nice Celee), the shop follows the Anthropologie style decor that blends its merchandise in with the display surfaces. Your attention is caught by the obvious - beautiful dresses, designer denim, and clothes draw your eye to the various areas around the room. Your line of sight is then drawn to the wonderful objects that surround the clothes, like the fashion-themed coffee table books, candles, accessories and ceramics. Everything is either sitting on salvaged pieces of furniture, or has a backdrop of a salvaged wooden door or frame.

It's all so organic and so fantastic, with all the objects looking like they were just a natural part of the shop's environment. Your senses aren't rushed because the merchandise isn't all in your face. Your shopping experience then becomes even more enjoyable than it normally is. Even my husband wasn't in much of a hurry to leave!

havenpiano.jpg haven3.jpg

haven4.jpg haven5.jpg

Ms. Fowler definitely knows style. Her tastes and good eye are evidenced in how the shop is decorated. How delightful is that old piano? And I'm certainly not doing it any justice, you must go see it for yourself - it's well worth a trip to Franklin if you don't live there, and if you do, well, lucky you!

No website yet, but they're working on it and I'll have the link when it's up. Word has it, they'll have online shopping capabilities on their site!

Haven: Sanctuary of Style ˚ 343 Main St ˚ Franklin, TN ˚ (615) 790 7954