Mass Produced Hysteria

Ah Target. You go in for a bottle of Fantastik (with a K) and you leave with at least $60 worth of stuff you never knew you needed. And clearly, you needed that tank top you already have five of, or another tiny potted plant from the dollar bin or even those cute pyjamas except this time, the polka dots are multi-colored!

I've always loved shopping at Target, and I feel no shame in saying that. While I appreciate and will happily spend way more than I should on quality designer apparel, I will also reward myself with quantity with the bounty that Target presents me each and every time I go in there.

So, this time it was gum and post-its that I needed. But thanks to the geniuses in the Target marketing department, they have the store set up so I have zero willpower and cannot avoid going through the clothes department, and necessities are relegated to the importance of "afterthought." And throw Proenza Schouler in the mix and, well, I'm toast. Oh the cuteness that is GO! Proenza Schouler. Proceed with caution.

blueflats.jpg dress.jpg babydoll.jpg

The Keds rip-offs are very comfy, as are both babydoll tops. Now, I haven't tried on the black dress yet, that has yet to arrive in the mail and I'm eager to see that box on my front step.

Target's great when it comes to experimenting with styles and trends. It's like the training bra of finding the right look and fit, and once you're ready to take the designer plunge, you'll at least be confident that what you're investing in will be perfect!

Oh, and I completely forgot the gum and post-its. Guess that means I have to go back!