Ms. Tabitha wants needs a new couch. The one we have in our living room has served us well for the past 5 years of our dwelling in Nashville. Unfortunately, I've never liked it - I'm not a big fan of the slouchy couch, I much prefer solid, clean lines. Couches that are a little more contemporary without sacrificing comfort. Like so:


As a big fan of West Elm, I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of a store finally being opened in Nashville, barely 5 minutes from where I live. Come August, unless the husband and I manage to find a couch worthy of our vegging-on, we will be paying West Elm a visit and throwing down some cash for a new couch or sectional from their collections.

You know that episode of Friends where Rachel outfits her entire house with stuff from Pottery Barn? Well, I'm like that but with West Elm.


I can't decide what I like more - the gorgeous shades of green on the plates, or the teeny-tiny placecard holder owls!


Lurve the print on the canvas boxes. Here's a closer look:

Can't think of a better way to get more organized, which was one of my goals this year! But first things first, I'm on the hunt for the perfect couch! But not without a few distractions like little wooden owls or canvas boxes along the way - all part of the fun of shopping!