Lula: Girl of my Dreams

For US$14 (which is a redonkulous mark-up for 4+ British pounds), you can flip through the glorious pages in the Brit magazine, Lula. I found it at the Borders on West End tonight and almost cried with joy. The magazine is filled with page after page of vibrant colors to send your senses to the heavens.

If you love fashion and dressing up and pretty things as much as I do (and if you're even reading this then you most certainly already do) then pick up an issue of Lula. Very worth it. Fashion mags from across the pond are always brilliant and Lula is by far the most brilliant I've come across thus far. Bonus: This month's issue features one of my favoritest actresses, Zooey Deschanel as a model and contributor.

I'm telling you - BRILLIANT!

Lula: Girl of My Dreams