Baby Needs New Shoes!

It's raining again still. I have officially skipped out on a wine tasting with my buds and have begun the evening's activity of shopping in my fuzzy socks and fuzzy bathrobe and not ten minutes into this, I have already found a site I'm ready to spend this week's entire paycheck on.

As if there weren't enough shoe sites to shop from (Zappos... now Gap Inc. is bringing us The site sells shoes from designers from Anne Klein to Tracy Reese (although quite honestly, she should stick to dresses) to Oscar by Oscar de la Renta.

While there isn't exactly a Gap price tag on most of the shoes - prices are pretty typical of the labels - there is free shipping and free returns! Everything's categorized nicely to sort by brands, gender and oh, look at THIS!


Tiny, baby Frye biker boots!!!!!!!!!

I won't keep you. Go! Go check it out!