Tent Sale at Ash Blue

Those of you who were distracted by the huge craft fair at Centennial Park this past weekend can now focus on something a little more contained, and less mish-mashed.

Across from St. Thomas Hospital on Harding Road is AshBlue, a place where "gifts for the home" doesn't quite do it justice - you'll find plenty, from jewelry and hats to antique shavers to goods imported from South Africa. Shopping at AshBlue is a gift to your senses and yourself.

I've always wanted a desk like this, with plenty of compartments for my stationery sets and pens, that you can then hide away neatly when shut.

The husband and I have a new couch coming to us soon and these pillows would look perfect on it:

03020_a.jpg 03021_b.jpg

The moment you step in to the two-storey shop, your eyes are treated to textures and colors that are only heightened by the scent of whichever candle they've lit for the day. It's always so much easier to consider what you're about to purchase when the environment you're in keeps you calm. While there's a lot to choose from, it's never overwhelming - not unlike being in a lush forest, your eyes slowly but surely adjust and you start to discover more and more within just one area, with complimentary finds when you move on to the next one, and the next one until you are able to leave with not just fragments of a purchase, but a whole set of objects to add to your home.

Right now during their tent sale, everything is at least 15% off with stickered items up to 75% off. They also offer a gift registry that is accessible online.

The tent sale will go on all week till this Saturday so do pop by when you can! And don't forget to tell them who sent you over there!

AshBlue :: Gifts for the Home :: ˚ 4231 Harding Rd, Nashville, Tennessee, 37205 ˚ (615) 383.4882