Reality Check for Brides-to-Be

Last night, I watched an episode of Sex and the City from Season 3 where Charlotte's in wedding gown frenzy. Then she goes shopping with Mario Cantone's character who says, "Ya gotta go Wang" which I can only assume means "Vera Wang."

Later in the episode, after she's selected her gown, Charlotte laments, "I'm getting married in 3 weeks."

That's when I sat up. I hate to break it to you, brides, but when it comes to choosing a wedding gown, especially a couture gown by one of the world's best bridal gown designers like Vera, three weeks is not realistic unless you're buying off-the-rack. And if you can find a mint-condition, off-the-rack Vera then great but chances are, you won't.

It takes 6 to 8 months to order your couture gown, have it made and have it shipped. It's made to measure, with allowance for further alterations of course, and it's not something that can typically be done in three weeks.

Of course, it varies from boutique/designer to boutique/designer. So always ask to be sure. Tell them when your wedding is going to be when you walk into the store and they'll be able to help you accordingly.

All the best!