One Trick Pony

Still on the topic of Anthropologie, believe it or not.

I started temp work at the store, putting stuff together for the grand opening next Friday. The interior is amazing - it's got a more modern feel to it than the ones I've been in and it's fairly large in space. The first Anthropologie I went to was in Boston across from the Prudential Center. It was a two-storey structure and very cozy and country living like. The one I've been into at the Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA is smaller, as is the one in Naples and each store seems to share commonalities like natural display stands (wood, wrought iron) and ery organic decor. It was great watching the display people at work, and to watch a shell of a room come together at the skilled hands of people who obviously love what they're doing.
Nashville's store has a more modern feel to it than the others I've been in, without losing the integrity or feel that is so in tune with Anthropolgie's style.

They open on Friday, August 31st. There will be clothes there that won't be there anymore come Monday and they all come in single size runs so if you're lucky to find your size in a dress you like, odds are, you'll be the only girl in Nashville to have it so definitely brave the crowd and go shop there next weekend.

In spite of the miserable heat outside, I wanted to spend all my money on their corduroys and sweaters!!! And the home accessories! The sheets! Those wonderful books and stationery! The lingerie!!!! I thought my head was going to explode when I walked in!!!! And just to narrow it down and not give away just how much I plan on splurging there, here are my top 3 clothing items I'd love to have:

dress2.jpg dress1.jpg sweater.jpg

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!