Tonight, Go Creekside, under la Luna

It's Friday, the day has finally arrived for the grand, store opening of Anthropologie at the Hills Center in Green Hills. There's parking in the garage off Hillsboro (turn right where California Pizza Kitchen is), just be careful when taking corners.

Try to contain your excitement when you walk through the massive wooden doors because your eyes have yet to see an Anthropologie like this (yes, Leslie, I did indeed drink the Kool Aid. Deelish!).

The dressing room alone is a visual treat: the unfinished wood floor softens the circular white lights above, allowing you to properly see what you're wearing without the harsh reality fluorescents tend to reveal. Dressing room attendants use dry-erase pens to hold your room for you, closely keeping track of what items you want, don't want, and have on hand.

Everyone who works there is, indubitably, on cloud nine. I know for a fact that they've all been waiting for this day for about as long as I have and now that it's here, they can't wait to help you out while you shop. You might recognize a few faces from other stores in town which reassures me that they've hired only the most experienced people.

The grand opening is all day today and all day Saturday.  Here's a tip: Go slow and let your eyes take in everything as you wander from Luna to Haven and Salon Society to Creekside - each concept holds an integration of accessories and apparel. That's one of the many things I've always loved about Anthropologie - the fact that items aren't split into clearly categorized sections. It feels like you're stepping into someone's home and you need to get comfortable to take in the experience.

If anything, it gives you an excuse to go back again! Y'know - in case you missed something!

Anthropologie @ Hills Center ˚ (615) 279 9109
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