You had me at, "Any drink Starbucks has, we serve."

Lately when traveling, I haven't been too picky when it comes to accomodations. My trips haven't lasted longer than 2 nights so luxury is not something I seek. Or can afford.

And when I do spend more money, I'm rarely disappointed and can't complain. Now, since this is my blog, I will say that a lot of "nice" hotels could stand some refurbishing. I understand that not everyone shares my affinity towards modern decor so it's really not a big deal if seven out of 10 hotels are decorated the typical hotel way - ornately patterned carpet, ecru colored walls; bathrooms are usually white tile with faux granite counters and the beds are covered with sheets that rival the carpeting in color and gaudiness.

Thus it was truly refreshing when I walked into the first showroom for the Hotel Indigo to find hardwood floors and walls painted (be still my heart) RED. In their larger rooms (750 sq ft) they will have not just one but TWO flat-screen tellies although I can't complain with just one. The floors have a diagonal pattern, alternating blonde with darker wood slats. The bathroom was what I adored the most - the walls were painted green! The vanity, like the overall look of the hotel and its rooms, is modern. Now, not all the bathrooms are painted green, but that's just one of many examples of how this hotel is unique.

The rooms are longer than they are wide, mostly because the hotel is moving into an old office building. The architects have adapted to the space really well, and the rooms are all spacious and very open even if they might have a pillar in the center. Nothing else divides the room up and there's a good flow from the moment you step over the threshold till you walk over to the window to pull the drapes apart to enjoy the view.

They have a coffee bar in the lobby that's a full-blown Starbucks station with on-the-go breakfast foods. The concierge level will offer a complimentary, hot breakfast. If you're willing to splurge, the 3,000 square foot penthouse is a fabulous place to have a private party - two uber-pimp bedrooms, jacuzzi bathtubs, spa-showers, two massive verandas that overlook downtown and music row.

Each Hotel Indigo is decorated according to the city it's in. Partnering with Gibson Guitars, our hotel will have murals on every floor and in every room reflective of guitars and music. They'll have songwriters nights, guitar picks for favors at their bar and other music city related goodies. Everywhere you look, you'll spot a nautilus shell, the hotel's icon. On their pillowcases, it even says, "Curl Up" next to a shell. Very cute touch.

It's all very clever - they even use haiku in their advertising and promotions.


The Hotel Indigo will officially open its doors on October 18th. Till then, they're taking reservations now for dates after December 1st. In case you've missed it, the hotel is on the corner of 18th Ave and West End right before you hit Broadway. It also overlooks my favorite weekend lunch spot, Golden Coast. A second hotel is slated to open downtown after this one is finished.

The Hotel Indigo • 1719 West End, Nashville 37203 • enlogoparsinglelogoimage.gif
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