Brain Fart

The Husband's grandmother turns 90 on Sunday. Naturally, we're celebrating this as she is, for a 90-year-old, quite in the pink of health. You'd think I'd rise to the occasion with gusto, knowing exactly what to get her but I'm at a loss.

And please don't say "teeth" or "a pacemaker" or "the clapper." While I appreciate my friends and their humor, this is serious business folks - I. Don't. Know. What. To. Buy. Her.

Some of you might also be thinking, "Hang on, shouldn't your husband be the one to worry about this?" Of course he's worried. But being the control freak in all matters shopping, I'm making it my responsibility to get her something she will love. Two brains have been known to be better than just one.
We're down to the wire, and right now we're going with the tried and true gift of pyjamas or a bathrobe or slippers or a combination of those things. Any suggestions from you, dear reader, will be appreciated. You can email them to me or comment on here.

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