Dear Steve Jobs

Thank you for your letter. I agree - the technology road is, indeed, bumpy. BUT, I never expected this huge of a pothole so soon. While I wholeheartedly believe that my iPhone is still worth what I paid, I don't think it's fair that after all your fans went through to purchase the phone on the day it launched, you're only giving those people $100. In credit. Not even cash, CREDIT.

Shopping at the Apple store or on iTunes or online at Apple dot com has always been a pleasant experience. As a huge Mac geek, I one day hope to see a world where everyone ditches their PC's and embrace the wonder that is an Apple product. But experiences like this price drop barely 2 months after a new product is introduced is, quite frankly, rude and very inconsiderate.

How am I to convince others that they can trust Apple, and that their higher prices are worth it when you discount your products' worth by cheapening it this way?

No no... I haven't lost complete faith in Apple. I haven't lost any of it at all! And yes, thank you, I'll take the $100 credit. I'm sure I'll find something else from Apple I need. There's always a .mac account that I've been wanting since my iPhone (that I sacrificed a whole month of shopping to save for, and that is no small feat for me) and I became one.

Such is life, I suppose. I do feel like a sucker... even a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side isn't going to make this taste any less bitter. But maybe the new iPod Nano might!


Life, á la mode.