I have very creative friends. They're all talented in one way or another, mostly leaning towards the crafty side of creativity. One of my very good friends has started a line of hand-crocheted accessories. Introducing, abbyhugs™! Made with 100% originality, abbyhugs are one-of-a-kind crocheted goods for both girls and guys.


Her glovelettes are my current favorite things. They're soft, they keep my hands warm and my fingers can still pick things up - fun AND functional! She also makes scarves and hats with the prettiest embellishments for that extra charm.


Visit her on myspace to see more pictures of folks wearing abbyhugs™, as well as more samples of her work. With it being so slushy and nasty outside, it's all going to keep you snuggled and cozy through the rest of the cold season.

If you can't wait to get your hands on (in?) them, abbyhugs™ are available at Neet Designs in East Nashville, HBH Profiles in Franklin and (my personal favorite) Local Honey in the 12th Ave South neighborhood.