The best thing to get in my pants

Like, EVER.

On Christmas morning, I reached into my stocking and pulled out two rolled up lace things, with an elastic band around it that said "Hanky Panky Low Rise Thongs." The sister-in-law also got two of them and was raving about them, saying they were the best thongs ever. Since I've never put on a pair of thongs that didn't either wipe my butt for me while I walked or pinched into my sides, I looked forward to taking these babies on a test drive.

I'm hooked. At $18 a pop, they are worth every last penny. I even wore them in a Vinyasa yoga class the other night and those babies didn't budge. I didn't have to unwedge anything while in downward dog (so people can't see) and I love love love these things.

My mother-in-law had to order them from Saks or something, but being the resourceful shopper (read: Lazy) I did some research and found that Boutique Bella sells them. Not only do they sell them, they have two large jars full of them in an array of colors! I bought a pair for my mom and two more for myself.

Hanky Panky thongs are really pretty, and while they're only one-size, they seem to fit every body type well. My SiL is curvy and I'm built like a boy but we both love them so what does that tell ya? They also have a bridal line: naughty things for the honeymoon as well as a no-show thong and garter set!
Oh! And today I had the pleasure of having lunch with some wonderful women, one of whom is the stylish (and so not chavtastic) Southern Social herself! I'd only met her once before back in Boston, and it wasn't easy to socialize since it was Halloween and we were in college and focused mainly on getting drunk but today's gathering was much more sophisticated over a scrumptious meal at Green Hills Grille. I have to say, Ms. Leslie Ann is truly á la mode - she's stylish, she knows her stuff, she wears it well and I wish she lived here!!!!