We Love Yu

In a couple of days, I'm headed to one of the shopping meccas of the world (at least in MY head), Singapore!

My hometown is where I know I can find one-of-a-kind pieces to wear here that no one but me will have. My sister is my style guru, and being the young, 20-something she is, she has a pulse on what's hot and what's not. Then again, the girl can also take a potato sack and make it look good so...

Anyway, she's turned me on to a friend of hers who has a clothing line called Yu. Mainly cocktail dresses, her clothes are simple, elegant and quite pretty!!!

This one, Daquiri, is possibly my favorite. The contrast in solids and patterns actually go together really sassily! This next one, I think, is great for a beach wedding or a bridal shower. Only if you're the bride though!

This last one just looks so soft. Normally, I wouldn't be drawn to this color but neons are all the rage right now and while this isn't a neon, per se, it's bright and will make you stand out in a sea of dark gowns, especially if you wear it here in Nashville.

Now, I'm not quite sure what the pricing is for her clothes but when I get there and I find out, I'll be sure to tell you. With the exchange rate, I'm sure they don't cost more than what custom dresses by indie designers might cost here so... $300 - $500? Maybe? I could be WAY off.

Rather than speculate, I'll let you all go see for yourself.

Yu • Sorry kids, only in Singapore! • www.weloveyu.com