Sending chills down my spine

I'm just that excited. In just a short moment, I am leaving work behind (for the next, oh, 19 hours anyway) and heading for some retail therapy. The husband hates it when I use that term, I don't think I have a "problem" just yet.

It's chillier now, the temps are dropping and I've been able to don my boots the past couple of days. Work doesn't afford me the joy of jeans, even on Friday, so I need to get some tuckable-yet-work-friendly pants. One of my stops today will be to J.Crew. Their cigarette cords are on sale right now and I could use a pair or two of them. FYI, their site is down right now for maintenance. But the cord sale is online and in stores.

One of my other stops is to the tailor's to get some pants hemmed. I got some adorable bell bottom cords that are a little too long. The Gap's been quite the addiction lately (I'm such a mall whore these days) and they've got a great selection of autumny clothes. I got the cords in orange. Not typically a color I like or buy but it just screams fall and pumpkins and squash!! In typical me style, I also bought another pair in grey.


They're soooooo comfortable. And once they're the right length, they'll be perfect.

I'm well aware that the economy's in the s***ter and that I should be saving especially with the holidays coming up. Barring any crazy sales, I think I'm sticking to purchasing only what I truly need this afternoon. That transaction alone should quell whatever it is my body's yearning now that the season's changing.

That, and maybe a big bowl of soup.

Have a lovely weekend y'all!