Trying Times

To the few, faithful readers of Life* á la mode, I do apologize that this blog had taken off with some gusto only to dwindle to sporadic posts every now and then.

Life has a tendency to get in the way, and I've switched jobs a couple of times since starting this and am three months into one that is super important to me. Shopping has taken an even bigger step back, and right now making work and home life #1 are priority so I hope you understand and you stay with us here at this blog.

This is not to say that I won't be blogging at all, but that this blog may take a shift into things that aren't always shopping/fashion related but more life driven. I will try my utmost to not make it all navel-gazey, and will continue in the style that I've at kept up.

All this to say, I'm still here, Life* á la mode is not going anywhere as long as you aren't either.

Thanks y'all!