Tis the season for Abbyhugs!

Sweaters, mittens, scarves OH MY!! It's getting a leeeeettle chillier outside so there's still time to prep your autumn/winter wardrobe. Since Nashville doesn't get bone-chilling cold like some states up north, there's no need for cumbersome, lumpy, unflattering coats and plenty of opportunity to stay snug with accessories.

Abbyhugs will have a booth at this weekend's Oktoberfest at Germantown. Not only will you get to see everything she's been working on all summer, you'll also get to meet the girl behind the hugs!

All Abbyhugs products are hand-crocheted by (duh) Abby and each piece is one-of-a-kind so there while you'll be able to tell it's her signature style, you won't be caught wearing the same beret someone else has on at your next social event.

Abbyhugs are also available at Local Honey (12th South), Nashville Clothing Company (West End & Cool Springs) and HBH Profiles in Franklin.