Wishlist time!!

I started looking online for Christmas presents for other people. Then, I thought, wait what about me? So here we go:

Urban Outfitters

15268501_11_d.jpg  14818363_01_d.jpg

I'm into tights and booties right now and sweaters that will hide my rear end.

sku_17873_v1_m56577569830495144.jpg    sku_25722_v1_m56577569830494675.jpg

I realize there's a theme here... I'm trying to branch out from black so grey's a safe color and it goes great with my scarves.  I've been building up a steady, colorful collection of those scarves (you know the ones that that suddenly everyone else is wearing) since lord knows when - they're so cheap in Singapore.  I've even bought them as gifts for friends for years. And now everyone else wears them.  Anyway, that's neither here nor there.  Moving on...



I'd love a pair of flat, leather riding boots. Not necessarily these but these would be great just because they come in extended calf sizes and my calves are, uh, extensive.  Soccer.  I blame playing soccer in my youth.

More boots:

I love my Uggs. As atrocious as some find them to be, my feet are just happy as can be when I slip into them. They're winter's Croc equivalent. But cuter. I saw these in the Walking Store at the mall while my mom was getting herself a pair of Uggs and I do declare, I like them!


Other things I would love to get:

A food processor
Tart pan
A project organizer for work
2009 My Agenda. These agendas are great - they look good, they fit into my purse, and you can get them at Social Graces here in town.  It's been the only day-planner/agenda I haven't stopped using.
As always, gift certificates are great. I'd love one to Sanctuary for Yoga or a bunch of dance classes at Green Hills School of Dance... or gift cards to Williams Sonoma or Pottery Barn or West Elm.. OOH! You know what I'd love? For someone to treat The Husband and I to a weekend away from the dogs. Like, board them. That would be sooooooooo nice.
Just a few things... nothing on here is something I actually need, per se, but there's no harm in wishing right? Your turn - what's on your list?