I have always OBEYed

I try not to do the "Yeah well I've been wearing/doing/listening to whatever since blahblah before it was trendy." But well this time I have to say it. I've loved Shepard Fairey since before I even move to the US. So like 1997-ish. Which isn't much to boast because he's been around for way longer than that.

That said, MoveOn (what are they going to be called now?!) dot org is giving away stickers designed by Shepard and selling limited edition prints for a donation. He had originally designed Obama's "Hope" posters.

I currently have two posters signed by him on my walls at home. I would love one more but ergh.. $500 is a lot. And while I do feel something signed by him is worth more than $500, I can't afford it right now. So I'll settle for the un-signed print. Fan FAIL on my part I suppose.

Get your free sticker here at MoveOn.Org if you haven't already done so.