It's not me, it's you

I broke up with my hairdresser.  After almost 7 years of going to him, I had to cut the cord.  Why?  Well, through no 100% fault of his own, he can't cut hair anymore.  He's always done a stellar job too, but the other day?  It looked like I just bent over and snipped away without looking in a mirror.  It looked great from the front but in the back?  Yikes.

A girlfriend of mine who always has great hair recommended Green Pea salon.  Her girl, however, is booked solid till the first of the new year.  I needed someone stat.  The first available girl was Erika so I took a chance, and I'm quite glad I did.  She listened, she checked out the situation and she was careful to not just go for it but instead checked whether I liked the first round of corrections and when I gave her carte blanche, the end result was just what I needed.

What used to be ... lordy I forget the name of that boutique that used to be there help me out here. It's on the corner of Paris Ave and 12th Ave South.  They used to have these hideous plants outside of it... ANYWAY! Green Pea Salon looks nothing on the outside like the boutique that used to be there. They repainted it a soft color, and it is as pleasant as it looks.


Full of West Elm furnishings (and you know how much of a West Elm sucker I am) they mix the retro feel of the old garage it sits in with modern decor.  I also love that they kept the retro seafoam green tiles in the bathroom.

My husband also goes there, as does my girlfriend's husband and a couple of their friends so it's definitely a great salon for men too. Price wise?  Erika charges $30 for guys and $45 for women for a cut and to me that's not bad at all. She also does hairdo's for special occasions.
Green Pea Salon  |  2900 12th Ave South  |  615.297.6878