For, Like, Ever

A lot of my energy has been devoted to the home lately. I am determined to have art on most of the walls by the end of the year, starting with this:


Without consulting the husband, I ordered it hoping his romantic nature would overcome his guy nature and by golly, it did! He likes it too, and is as excited as I am (and about as procrastinate-y as I am too) about getting it framed and placed somewhere in our bedroom.

My first thought was going to Michael's to use their framing service. Has anyone ever used them before? If so what was your experience? If anyone knows of a good, affordable framer in town, I have other pieces to frame too so economy is up there in importance. I will, however, cough up a little more if it means quality. Suggestions are very welcome!

And much appreciated!

If you want one, get yourself the poster at village.
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