Home Cookin'

Food is a huge part of the Life*a la mode style. If money (and metabolic rate) were no object, I'd eat out all the time at the best restaurants this town has to offer. Alas, turning 30 and my pants getting tighter, it's time to assess my diet and dietary habits.

The Husband proposed we plan each week's dinners to encourage us to stay home more, thus eating a little more fresh and healthy and, in the long run, save us money. I'm all about healthy, and I'm all about saving money from eating out  and having it to use on other necessities (Momma needs that pair of Kors wedges she saw at Macy's dangit).

There are websites online that will help you plan your weekly meal. However rather than a site making me pay to tell me what I should be eating each week I'd rather be able to look for these recipes based on an ingredient - greens, or fish, or beef etc. Actually, I'd rather be able to find a blog because it's free. These other sites all charge subscription fees and I can't see myself enjoying everything they tell me to eat.

What do you, dear reader, do for your own home-cooking planning?