Guilty Pleasure

I watch The Hills. Religiously. No other "reality" show intrigues me as much as the one revolving around the somewhat frivolous lives of LC, Whitney, Audrina and (blech) Heidi and Spencer. I could do without the last two but I'm not one of the producers so whatevs.

Last night's season premier made my head explode. Numerous times. Like when Whitney said "Give-en-chee" when pronouncing Givenchy (even I know how to pronounce that - thanks Daddy - and I don't work in fashion). Or when LC sewed the hem of her Ferretti ballgown into a bubble dress to go clubbing in (The Husband totally called the stain) and burned it on her curling iron. Or everytime Heidi's face appeared. Holy cow did she widen her lips?!

You want to know how I really feel about her?

Thoseof you who are thinking, "Oh GOD do you REALLY watch that crap?" Yes. Yes I do. And come on now, does it surprise you? Really? Do you not know me but at all? Judge me all you want, but I know that you also have some craptastic reality show that you cannot live without.

This is your chance to get it off your chest because you know you want to let it out. The joy you get from sitting with girlfriends to see who'll be kicked off The Bachelor/That's Amore/Rock of Love or what shenanigans will those crazy people come up with next on America's Next Top Model/Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Celebrity Fit Club.

C'mon - you know you want to - what's YOUR tv Guilty Pleasure?