Puppies, kittens, bunnies, oh my!

As far as pet ownership goes, I come from a family who buys pure bred. Yes, how snooty right? There's a movement to adopt pets in Singapore, don't get me wrong. But most people end up either buying from a pet store, or from a breeder.

My first all-mine pet was from a breeder in Tennessee. For our second dog (Our little guy needs a pal to play with because his owners don't always have or make time!) we're trying our best to adopt. But because of my allergies to pet dander/fur, I can't just take in any dog. As much as I'd like to because I love love love dogs.

There's a potential, but I won't discuss that pup too much for fear of jinxing myself. But, after The Husband and I get back from our honeymoon in 3 weeks, we'll be delving in to the adoption process more actively.

That's not stopping me from looking though - it's somewhat like shopping only instead of a pretty dress for Spring, this is a living, breathing item. My first stop was Happy Tales Humane in Franklin. They do adoptions every Saturday and I think they run a really good program over there.

I'm a sucker for cuteness and aesthetics and when you put them together, I'm sold. I mean, LOOK:


HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? They really know how to tug at an animal lover's heartstrings. Nothing like good marketing to reel me in!!!

Their site takes you to Petfinder.com, another great place to find a dog in need of loving parents and a good home. So while I'm not straight up endorsing just one particular adoption agency, I just thought I'd share that picture. Here's a list of places that I know of in town if you're looking for the unconditional love and affection your abode might be missing:

Happy Tales Humane
Nashville Humane Association
SPCA of Tennessee
Adopt a Small Dog

If you have any more sites you'd like to share, feel free to leave the links in comments!