Green Hills

Anthropologie, the Mall, a wonderful yoga studio, good schools, the YMCA, Whole Foods, great boutiques - just to name a few, have gotten Green Hills booming and in the few years I've lived here I've had no regrets being in this area. Sure, traffic is bad but there are back roads you can take to avoid the jams. The retail makes it all worth while for me.

Coming soon will be Burberry (along with Tiffany, I've had an affinity for this brand since childhood days thanks to my dad), Kate Spade, Trader Joe's and in a couple of years, NORDSTROM.

The full article is here in the Tennessean online. I am so so so excited! Nashville will finally have a high-end retail store, and this will hopefully pave the way for a Neiman Marcus, or Bloomingdales would be nice!

By the way, it's not "Burberry" like "cranberry." I'm pretty sure it's not a fruit. "Burr-buh-ree" with a very short "buh."