The wait is over

Ladies, we're getting the Urban Outfitters we deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, this means the loss of a decent (but not great) venue for live music. Urban Outfitters will be taking over the spot where City Hall sits right now. Frankly, I'd rather have a retail store there but that's just me - I'd rather shop than see a show where the acoustics are only sub par.

Last December when I spent my third day out of seven in the Urban Outfitters in Birmingham, AL, the boy at the cash register I was chit chatting with said "Oh! Nashville! I used to live there. We're opening there!" I smiled and said "I'll believe it when I see it" like the smart-arse I can be but deep down, I was squealing with delight, then I promptly called my friends to share the news.

I doubt those friends read this blog... guess I'll call them!