Life with "combination" skin

Let's face it, saying someone's skin is "combination" instead of "oily" is like telling a kid with a lazy eye that they're "asymetrical."

Eyeliner has never stayed put, neither has mascara. Give me a couple of hours, especially during the summer months, and I'll look like I've been crying. It's very attractive but unless my makeup m.o. is to be all gothy,  I don't want my lower lids lined.

My friend Katie turned me on to Blinc's Kiss Me mascara.


She's been using it for years, and swears by it. It doesn't smudge, it doesn't rub off until you wash your face and then it just slides off each lash. "It's like you've pulled off your lashes but you really haven't." Scary thought, seeing how my lashes are few and far between so I have to keep every single one intact as best I can.

Vanity has a way of making me splurge. But I'm with Katie now - I've started using the mascara and I don't see myself every going back. I had it on all day and did it smudge? No! Passed the test with flying, no-smudge, no-budge color. Washing the stuff off is a little weird at first but really cool. I mean it really does look like your eyelashes have fallen off.

I also put new eyeliner to the test today. Gold star for that one too! The girl who does my makeup on fancy occassions used M.A.C.'s Fluidline gel liner. It comes in a jar, and it will stay on your lids even after washing. Sure it'll smudge a little if soap and water are involved but my slick lids didn't do anything to make it smudge!

Blinc's Kiss Me Mascara is available at your local Sephora. As for M.A.C., if you venture into the Green Hills area and are at the mall and need help with makeup? Ask for either Jami or Bridget. Tell them Tabitha sent you!