Lessons in Louis Vuitton

"Every bag has a story behind it." Rightly so, seeing how every masterpiece has a story it's only fitting that each item made by Louis Vuitton should be inspired somehow.

The lesson I learned this weekend was about the Speedy. The most popular Speedy is the one that comes in the monogrammed canvas:


The Speedy I was considering putting my wish list, is the one that comes in the Damier canvas:


Turns out, Louis Vuitton himself designed the Damier Speedy and it was his son who designed the monogrammed speedy. Guess which one I picked? Always a sucker for "original" or "classic" I went with the Damier. The biggest reason I would much rather carry that one is because every other Harpeth Hall or Vanderbilt Girl in town has the monogrammed bag so being the snob I am, I opted for one that's more classic, more grown-up looking and less common.

The original Speedy also came in the 30 which is about 12" long and is a substantial bag. Audrey Hepburn loved it but wanted it handbag size so they designed and made the 25 just for her. After people saw pictures of her carrying the more petite sized bag, they demanded it be available to them as well and thanks to them, I now have one!

Well, actually, real thanks goes to my wonderful husband who has impecable taste and who listens really well. Thank you for knowing me and predicting my tastes!!! I LOVE MY NEW BAG!

P.S: When you pop into Louis Vuitton at the Green Hills Mall, be sure to ask for Talvin!