A Case of the Mondays

I work in the Brentwood/Maryland Farms area and almost every morning, will stop by Starbucks for an iced Venti coffee. Unsweetened. I try to get out of my car to go inside, especially if the drive-thru line is hella long and it typically is.

My first week of work, I remember almost driving headlong into a car. The entrance and exit to the parking lot for that strip mall is two lanes on each side. The lanes that exit onto the main strip has a lane going left and one going right. The day that accident almost happened, it was a silver Honda.

I've witnessed it happening a couple more times since then, and every time I turn out of the Starbucks lot, I brace myself for another moron turning into oncoming traffic.

Thank goodness I had my wits about me this morning because sure enough, a silver Honda turned left into my lane. I honked my horn until she saw me, by which point I'd swerved into the right turn lane. She had her window open and stopped as she drove by me. I saw her mouth something so I opened my window.
"Excuse me!" said a very Southern sounding woman with crazy curly hair who looked to be in her 50's.

I waved her on. She was, after all, in my lane and I needed to go left.
"I said excuse me!"


"There was no need to honk at me."


"I am??? Oh my!"

And then my head exploded.