The Fast Track to Adulthood

A good couple-friend of The Husband and I just turned 30 as well. And early this week they gave us all their official "We're having a baby" announcement. The wee one will grace us with its presence around Christmas (I cannot think of a more wonderful gift for this wonderful couple) and I can't wait! They're going to be the coolest parents - they're both so nurturing and patient, this baby is going to be so loved. Plus they're also very very creative people. Out of all my friends, I must say their house is the best decorated one and I know the baby's room is going to be wicked cool.

Now that a close friend of mine is having a baby, I'm upping my own ante when it comes to knitting projects, and I'm already planning on showering this kid with toys, clothes and fun stuff. And if I can't afford to splurge, well, I'll just leave it to my friends! There are some really cool baby stores in town.

PoPo in the Hills Center. I don't know the origin of the name but I know that's what I'd be if I shopped there. Very cool, contemporary style accessories for the modern child.
Especially Baby/Children's Shop/A Child's Place or something like that. I think it used to be called Plaid Rabbit? Anyway, they are in the Bandywood plaza where the Parent Teacher store is, and their selection is about as varied as the many names it has - it's a massive place with tons of clothing for babies, infants, toddlers... and it's not just the preppy gingham or seersucker either, they also have some "wilder" options for the non-conventional Southern parent. I.e. if you don't want your child to aspire to attend Steeplechase every year, you can still shop there too.

A shop that I'm not sure still exists is Gingham in Spaces on Hwy 100. Feel free to clarify that for me if you know.

Unfortunately, none of these places give you the option of shopping online, which is a shame. For those of you who enjoy distractions at work, or like to do your shopping while snuggled on the couch, here are some fun online companies that offer baby and children's goods too.

fawn&forest - mainly a kids product site, they sell everything from clothes to cribs to mobiles and wall decals. I'm pretty certain that if decorating a child's room was left to me, I'd hit this place up! First thing I'd love to buy is this lavender/lentil stuffed creature called a Speesees friend. I'm a sucker for squishy, fuzzy, floppy toys!


It's moldable into different shapes too. How fun is that?! Here's a crib I absolutely love -


The thicker side folds down to be used as a changing table and there's storage at the bottom. How neat! Literally!

Via Domino Magazine this month, Nonchalant Mom also has some cute cute stuff for kids.

It's amazing how much there out there for new parents now. Gone are the days pregnant women are forced to wear nothing but mu mu's, and cribs and baby accessories were boring. There are hemp diapers, organic methods of preparing baby food, organic clothes... sometimes I think kids have it better than us adults do! I dare you to walk into a baby Gap and not wish they made those clothes in your size! Just try.

I'll have more baby stuff as time goes by. It's so exciting, knowing that there's an addition to our circle. I can't wait to spoil it!