It Ain't Easy Being Rich

Article in the NY Times today about the rich feeling the pinch of the ever-slumping economy.

At first I thought by "less rich" in the title, that maybe it's about people who aren't impoverished but also not billionaires so I read it. Turns out, it's about how the filthy, filthy rich are having breakdowns about being less rich. One quote by a Justin Sullivan, managing director of a private jet rental company about a client of his made me go "oh bite me." - 

“A year ago, he would have only flown Gulfstreams,” Mr. Sullivan said. “Now it’s moving to the point where he’s flying Beech jets and Learjets.”

It's so hard to feel sympathy for these people. They need to try flying Southwest for once. Or any domestic airline, really. But our world is a realm THEY would never be able to identify with either. There's no such thing as shopping at Target - their equivalent of Target is the Neiman Marcus sale rack.

The article also talks about people gaining weight because they can't afford $600 personal trainers anymore. Hi, there are plenty of people who pay $30 a month to a gym who are in terrific shape. Evidently not being worth 9 figures means they've lost the will to function??? That's so unfortunate.

Oh! And the men who are so worried about their wives leaving them because their net worth has dropped in value? They should be kicking those money-hungry women to the curb anyway! But that might be just me.

Y'know, I admit that there hasn't been a day that's gone by when I haven't thought "God I'd kill to have unlimited wealth." But I'd like to think that if that wealth ever comes, even an iota of it, that I'd still be able to think for myself and not fall into that trap. And if anyone is willing to do some sort of study on how I'd do in that situation, you can make that check out to "cash."