United Apparel Liquidators

Finally, a store that sells designer, vintage clothes without charging you redonkulous prices. Their website boasts 70-90% off retail and I can vouch for that.  Because I don't want anyone going in there and quoting me on exact numbers, I'll speak hypothetically. So! Hypothetically, they have a Ferragamo skirt that was originally priced at say, $575, (pipe dream I know bear with me here) but they'll have it priced at oh, $200. That's just an example but it gives you an idea of what you can find there.

UAL also sells shoes, jeans, accessories, for both men and women. There's parking right off West End, and around the back as well. The sales people in there are very very friendly without being pushy, and I'm pretty sure the woman I got into a conversation with owns the place. She was very nice.

This is a great place to find clothes for all occasions. Have a cocktail party coming up? They've got you covered. Need everyday wear? Check and check.

UAL  •  2918 West End Ave  •  http://www.myspace.com/ualfashion