Melissa Plastic Dreams

Took a detour on the way home today and stopped at Posh in Hillsboro Village to look at shoes. Didn't expect to buy or even find anything, I've been looking for a pair of comfy, wedge style shoes and so far I've come up empty. Slingbacks don't work on my feet for some reason and everything else is just to heavy.

My eyes fell on a pair of black, velvet platforms with a teeeeeeny peep toe. It was SO cute, and very affordable. Turns out Posh Shoes just started carrying Melissa shoes.


Melissa is a line of plastic, jelly-like shoes. ** Thanks to Tom for catching what I completely misunderstood as a bio. Zaha Hadid is an artist/architect who has lent her designs to the Melissa line (Tom feel free to throw in the correct bio in comments if I'm still off - ta!). The shoes have been sold worldwide for a few years now. I am so proud to credit my little sister for first telling me about these shoes. She has a couple of pairs and I'm pretty sure has had them since 2007. She's my inspiration for style and without her, I'd look like everyone else and dress really badly.

So, they may not look it, but they're really comfortable and the material used is very flexible so it doesn't rub too badly on your feet unlike the Crocs line of non-clog shoes. That black t-strap (t-straps, btw are the rage this fall/winter) is available in fuchsia at Posh Shoes, and they have another pair that I almost bought but I didn't want to risk being overdrawn. It's The Little Prince!


I couldn't find another angle to it but you can kind of see how the drawing spans over both toes (brilliant!) and there's more on the inside of the shoe too. SO cute.

These are the ones I got:

They are exactly what I was looking for - light weight, comfortable (it's practically flat) and my toes are scrunched together at the toe. It's exactly what I needed for work.
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