I live with 2 people and a dog

Dooce lamented that her first dog, Chuck, is just not a real dog and how her observations were confirmed by a dog trainer they hired.
She's been training dogs for over ten years and has never before encountered anything so emotionally delicate as Chuck and told us that we'd been having so much trouble with Coco because we'd never before lived with a normal dog. Coco, she said, could let go. Chuck, on the other hand, would remember the kid in first grade who stole his fruit roll-up and then twenty years later open fire in a mall because he was still mad about it.

That describes Nemo, our first dog who is a six year old silky terrier.  He is, as OUR dogsitter pals call him, a person trapped in a dog's body.  He couldn't fathom why we got our puppy, Mona - that jumping, hyperactive, noisy creature who just. Won't. Leave. Him. Be.


She just loves him so much is all.

She's the one on the chair.
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