Mistress of my domain

Starting with my kitchen.  It's time to get adventurous, my dear readers.  My kitchen walls have been this blah, not-white-not-cream-not-anything color since we moved in and I am now seeking inspiration for the perfect shade.  One that will do well in sunlight, and when it gets dark.

My first instinct was a rich, deep red.  I love having at least one red room or wall in a house but the more I sit in my breakfast area, the less I want red. I might have to save that for another room.  Green has always been a favorite of mine and so has blue.  When it comes to green, I love brighter, almost lime colored greens.  With blue, I have a soft spot for (what else) Tiffany blue but that might be a bit much in a kitchen!  There's also a more muted, grey-tinted shade of blue I like and right now it just boils down to which one I can stand seeing over time.

There are so many sites online, and so many magazines I enjoy reading that sometimes it's inspiration overload! Design*Sponge is my go-to for all things decorative or crafty, then there's the West Elm catalog and of course, Dwell and Domino.

What are your inspirations?