The Spice of My Life

Food, glorious food! When I was little I remember visiting my mom's sister in San Francisco. Her husband is American and isn't completely sold on Singaporean food, but to his credit, he will try something once.  The visits grew in frequency and I started noticing that my aunt would fix her husband and sons American food (cut up spaghetti... burgers...) but would make something that resembled the food from home for herself and I used to think, well that's odd American food's awesome why isn't she eating it?

Fast forward to today. I'm 30, I've lived in Nashville for the past 7.. 8 years and boy do I miss Asian food. The flavors, the textures, the smells and the comfort.  Yes, mac n cheese words from time to time to serve its purpose as comfort food but there's nothing more soothing, more stress relieving than to have food I know. Even if it's instant noodles from home that my mother shipped to me, it still makes me happy.

The NY Times have the best restaurant and food reviews and I love that they not only feature the exclusive restaurants all around Manhattan, they also give equal coverage to  the holes in the walls all over New York. Today, I found an article that got me drooling all over my keyboard. The picture shows an Indonesian girl feasting on mee soto, or soto ayam and my taste buds did this dance in my mouth and oh boy, I'm a little home-food-sick right now!!!

If there's any reason for me to move to NYC, it's for the variety of Asian cuisine that's available there. Nashville, I love you, but show me some love - let's up the standard on ethnic foods here. PLEASE.

And if any of you live in New York, you must MUST go try the restaurants mentioned in the article out!